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Through the power of well-known brands, Future B2B delivers an unparalleled client and audience experience across newsletters, advertising, lead generation, content creation, webinars and live events.

Our service offerings leverage 

  • SmartBrief's extensive network of targeted newsletters 
  • ActualTech Media's authoritative tech webinars 
  • ITPro’s in-depth technology insights
  • The specialist content of brands such as Tech & LearningAVNetwork and more.

These integrated platforms provide our clients with a full-spectrum services catalog tailored to the evolving needs of business today – and tomorrow.

Drive pipeline velocity with integrated full-funnel B2B services.
Expand reach with targeted advertising that captures and nurtures interest.
Deepen engagement with dynamic webinars and compelling content.
Drive conversions with strategic content and live events that resonate.

2023 Highlights

How Future B2B's brands helped buyers connect with sellers last year:


Newsletters delivered


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Newsletter subscribers

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The strategic advantage of Future B2B

Our expertise, 
your Future advantage

Future B2B merges decades of expertise with the nimbleness of a startup.

Our established brands, like SmartBrief, ActualTech, and ITPro deliver expert-led niche newsletters, cutting-edge advertising solutions, pipeline-enhancing lead generation, and unforgettable live and virtual events.

Our turnkey services are crafted to expand your market reach, supercharge your lead nurturing efforts, and captivate your clients. Future B2B’s hyper-focused brands such as Mix, Twice, Radio World and others offer uniquely authoritative advertising opportunities to engage niche audiences with specialized content.
Reach and connect with your ideal prospect
Grow pipeline consistently and sustainably
Actionable insights and reporting
Unparalleled industry reach
Buyers connect with sellers
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Our brands

Diverse expertise; unified vision; bright future

Delivers industry-specific news and insights through targeted newsletter services. Click for more info.




Total Social Media Audience


Global Monthly Users

Delivers the latest in broadcast technology, production, and satellite industry news.

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Provides educational technology news for K-12 and higher education administrators.

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Focuses on audiovisual technology trends and innovations for IT leaders.

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Provides professional audio content, serving music and sound engineering professionals.

Click for more.
Covers consumer electronics news, retail trends, and insights from CES.

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Publishes essential news and information for the radio broadcast industry.

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Offers news on AV systems integration and installation.
Targets professionals in pro AV with industry news and project case studies.

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Specializes in high-impact tech webinars and authoritative technology content. Click for more info.


IT Professionals


CPL leads generated in the last 12 months


Contribute to purchasing

Offers in-depth analysis and coverage of technology news and trends. Click for more info.


Global Monthly Users


US Monthly Pageviews


Are director level or higher

Reports on television and digital media, including business strategies and technology.

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Focuses on the broadcast industry in Europe, offering news and analysis.

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Covers permanent installations of audio, video, and lighting technologies.

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Reports on the television and broadcasting industry’s business and regulatory news.

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Offers insights into cable, broadcasting, and digital content distribution sectors.

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Specializes in home automation, audio, and video installation news.

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How to create a winning 
B2B content strategy

Download your free copy of the ultimate guide to competing with content in 2024. Specifically tailored to help B2B businesses win at the content game.

Back to your Future: success in action 

Dive into our comprehensive case studies from ActualTech, SmartBrief, 
and ITPro to witness firsthand the transformative impact of our services.

Don't just take our word for it

  • “I’ve been really impressed with your audience! The way you run your events helps us identify high-priority MQLs and pursue opportunities more quickly than other providers.”
    Vice President of Marketing, Netenrich
  • "Email newsletters are the most effective way to consistently communicate with our members about issues that are important to them and their success. SmartBrief is invaluable because it plays a vital role as a filter to help consolidate an overwhelming amount of news coverage of the industry into a single, consolidated newsletter."
    Brian Turmail, Vice President of Public Affairs & Workforce at Associated General Contractors of America
  • “I think of ActualTech as a bridge that connects us to our audience. We run multiple webinars every year, and each one has been a huge success. We’re getting a significantly higher amount of leads generated from those events compared to cold outreach campaigns.”
    Adrien Julienne, Sr. Marketing Manager, Demand Gen at Keeper Security

Our leadership team

The Future B2B Leadership Team leverages decades of expertise and a visionary approach in leading a team of 300 global professionals. Their commitment ensures that our clients experience direct, tangible benefits.

Amanda Darman-Allen

SVP, MD of B2B

Carmel King

VP, Global Head of Content, B2B

Allison Markert

VP, Global Head of Strategy & Operations, B2B

Scott Lowe

VP, Product & Marketing, B2B

Amardeep Mangat

VP, Global Head of IT, B2B

Tom Sikes

VP, US Head of Sales across B2B Commercial

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B2B resources

June 10, 2024
8 Top B2B SaaS Customer Retention Strategies

Customer retention in Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) companies goes beyond repeat purchases. It signifies continuous software subscription renewals, system upgrades, and add-on purchases due to satisfactory customer experiences. The article underscores the importance of B2B SaaS customer retention strategies that equip and reward loyal customers. Key takeaways include the financial stability indicated by high customer retention and the significance of consistent communication in resolving issues and meeting customer expectations. The article lists eight strategies: meeting customer expectations, monitoring customer feedback, addressing issues promptly, using data-driven approaches to enhance customer experience, observing data absence as an indicator of dissatisfaction, mapping the customer journey, rewarding loyalty, and providing resources for sustained product use. Effective customer retention boosts a company's financial health and ensures long-term success.

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June 6, 2024
Best practices for multicultural marketing

To excel in multicultural marketing, focus on three best practices: research, representation, and respect. Thoroughly understand your audience's cultural nuances and avoid stereotypes. Ensure your marketing materials feature diverse, authentic representation to resonate with various communities. Show genuine respect by engaging with your audience in a way that values their unique identities and experiences. These strategies foster trust and loyalty, essential for effective multicultural marketing in an increasingly diverse society.

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June 5, 2024
5 Trending B2B Content Marketing Ideas To Drive Your Growth

The landscape of content marketing is ever-evolving, with new trends emerging and old ones fading. The article highlights five pivotal B2B content marketing ideas to stay ahead in 2022. Firstly, it emphasizes the importance of EAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) for optimizing content, as Google's algorithm now prioritizes these factors. Secondly, incorporating author bios in content can bolster its credibility and fulfill EAT requirements. Thirdly, amidst the saturation of thought leadership content, creating unique content is vital. Innovative formats like infographics, videos, and technical comic books can make content stand out. Fourthly, sharing customer-driven content, such as testimonials and case studies, can enhance trust and authority. Lastly, exploring new social media platforms, including TikTok, can help brands tap into new audiences. The article underscores the need for aligning content strategies with current trends to remain relevant and impactful.

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May 30, 2024
4 B2B Content Marketing Examples for Tech Companies

This article highlights the significance of B2B content marketing for tech companies. It presents four exemplary B2B content marketing strategies employed by tech firms to engage their audience and drive results. These examples demonstrate how tech companies can leverage content to showcase their expertise, address customer pain points, and position themselves as industry leaders. By analyzing these successful campaigns, businesses can glean insights and best practices to refine their content marketing efforts and achieve desired outcomes.

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May 27, 2024
Rise of CTV in marketing: Discover strategies that drive success

Connected TV (CTV) advertising is revolutionizing marketing with precise targeting and direct-to-consumer strategies. CTV enables brands to reach audiences through smart TVs and streaming devices, driving engagement with personalized, interactive ads. The shift from traditional linear TV to CTV offers benefits such as enhanced storytelling and measurable data but also poses challenges like ad fragmentation and privacy concerns. Effective CTV strategies integrate with other digital marketing efforts, creating captivating content that resonates with viewers and drives conversions. As CTV ad spend rises, embracing these opportunities is essential for future success.

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May 23, 2024
Ethical marketing: Building trust and consumer engagement in the digital age

Ethical marketing, emphasizing transparency, honesty, and social responsibility, is crucial for building consumer trust and engagement in the digital age. Conscious consumers prioritize brands that demonstrate ethical practices, such as environmental sustainability and social responsibility. Successful examples include Warby Parker’s eyewear donation program and Patagonia’s environmental activism. Adopting ethical marketing principles not only fosters loyalty but also enhances a brand's reputation, leading to long-term success. Conversely, unethical practices can result in consumer mistrust and financial losses, highlighting the importance of genuine ethical commitments for future business sustainability.

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