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Does your B2B marketing need to pivot to reflect these 3 trends?



Mike Driehorst
Senior Editor, Media, Retail, Tech & Telecom


May 14, 2024

B2B marketing – like every other form of marketing today – is constantly in a state of flux and evolution. No longer is it just evolving to be more B2C-like, it’s also facing changing technology and customer/prospect expectations.

Future B2B, a global publisher of specialist content for professionals across 15-plus industries, dives into three B2B marketing trends to uncover several particular challenges* B2B marketers are facing. These are:

  1. A new view of upper-funnel activity
  2. Influence of millennials and Generation Z
  3. Evolution of data collection

“In B2B and beyond, adaptation is the key to success,” said Amanda Darman-Allen, senior vice president of Future B2B. “Those who pivot effectively will thrive. Yet, providing genuine expertise, trust and value will always be paramount in B2B marketing. As the value of truthful, fact-based information rises, maintaining integrity with your audience is even more crucial,” Darman-Allen said.

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