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DE&I Strategies for Marketers



Susan Rush
Director of Content


May 9, 2024

Marketers who fail to embrace strategies that include diversity, equity and inclusion efforts could not only tarnish their brands but also risk isolating an influential segment of multicultural consumers. It is important for brands and marketers to understand that customers look for authenticity and evaluate brands across all touch points of the buying cycle.

When it comes to multicultural marketing, you must truly know your audience before and even during your marketing campaigns and outreach to ensure content is on target. Research and representation are the building blocks of a good multicultural strategy, but marketing experts say that showing respect is paramount.

The purchasing power of Hispanics is growing more than twice as fast as non-Hispanics and is estimated at $3.4 trillion, according to a Latino Donor Collaborative report. Most marketers are keenly aware that this community is vital to reach. It is also important for marketers looking to connect with this community to be aware that Hispanics hail from many different countries that have distinct cultural traditions. Mike Driehorst explains why Hispanic marketing requires a deep understanding of the cultures and traditions that make up this vital demographic – and what marketers can do to successfully reach this demographic.

Half of Black consumers say their family heritage and identity influence their purchase behaviors, Numerator figures reveal. Numerator’s Amanda Schoenbauer advises that marketers should be careful not to treat Black consumers as a one-size-fits-all group, noting that this community of savvy shoppers consists of a diverse group of people with varying distinct preferences and patterns of behavior. Specific avenues like X, formerly Twitter, TikTok, podcasts and YouTube also are key locations where brands can connect with Black consumers.

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