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Content reimagined: The role of generative AI in media evolution



Susan Rush
Director of Content


June 24, 2024

At the cornerstone of content consumption and the evolution of technology sits generative AI, which is fundamentally changing how brands and marketers conceptualize, produce and deliver creative content across multiple channels.

Using the right prompts, generative AI allows for a seamless and personalized creation process for visual media and helps create interactive digital experiences. Delivering tailored content that meets individuals’ specific needs and preferences, this evolution is enhancing the capabilities of content creators and marketers while reshaping how users engage and discover content.

In addition to text and editorial content, robust generative AI systems such as DALL-E, Adobe Firefly, Midjourney, Canva, Stable Diffusion and others can convert text into images. These programs enable brands to create realistic photos, images, illustrations, logos and even text art that can be used in advertising, social media and many other applications.

A Salesforce survey shows that 51% of marketers are currently using or
experimenting with generative AI, and 22% plan to integrate it soon. Additionally, the 2024 Annual Work Trend Index Report from Microsoft and LinkedIn shows that 33% of content writers, 27% of graphic designers and 24% of marketing managers have added AI to their skills.

Generative AI empowers brands and marketers to engage with consumers by incorporating enhanced personalization and hypertargeting strategies, which improves interactive experiences. We are experiencing a new period characterized by the distribution of content and information. Brands must readily adopt this new change, modify their approach or risk being left behind.

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