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How ActualTech Helped HourWork Fill Its Pipeline and Grow MQLs by 250% Quarter-Over-Quarter

HourWork reaches ambitious goals with the help of ActualTech Media, a Future B2B brand


HourWork helps companies re-engage, recruit, and retain talent through best-in-class retention and recruitment software that builds employee loyalty and prevents turnover.


Content Syndication

Lead Generation

The Challenge

Connecting with a niche ICP digitally

Historically, during their weekly company-wide meeting, HourWork executives had a standing question for the marketing team: “How are we connecting with our Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) digitally?”

Abby Richter, who joined the company initially as a Senior Program Director, says it was always a ‘scratch-your-head moment.’ The company was making inroads at events. They had spun up a successful referral engine. But there never seemed to be any traction online.

Abby transitioned to Senior Director of Marketing to try to solve the puzzle and help HourWork reach quick-service franchise owners and their Operations and HR executives. Abby had a list of the top 15 brands she wanted to reach, and her team tried advertising via LinkedIn, Facebook, Google, and other platforms. Nothing worked.

With seriously lacking results from traditional channels, Abby asked ActualTech Media to help build its funnel and increase lead flow.

Our Solution

Building out online demand gen function from scratch

To help HourWork reach its ICP, ActualTech spun up a content syndication campaign. ActualTech syndicated content specifically to target the top 15 brands that Abby had identified—big names like McDonald’s and Domino’s.

ActualTech also built out a landing page with custom filtered fields in the form to ensure that Abby would be able to collect the correct information for HourWork’s database. Advanced targeting capability, which includes geographies, job titles, company sizes, and more, enables HourWork to not only reach their ICP, but collect the granular data they need to make informed decisions.

Within one week of launching the first campaign, Abby received
her first list of leads. Every field was exactly to her specifications and matched the way that HourWork collected data—which made it seamless for her to then plug into her tech stack.

Abby was so confident in ActualTech’s solution after the first campaign, that it wasn’t long before she spun up a second and then a third. When they’d saturated the top 15 brands, Abby asked ActualTech to extend their target demographic. Now HourWork is targeting the top 45 brands, and leads continue pouring in.

As for reporting, automatic lead reporting and tracking makes life easier for Abby and her team. Once a week she’s able to hand the sheet to the team in marketing operations, and she knows that everything will be scored and graded accordingly.

The solution is so turnkey that Abby says, “It’s like magic.”

“Our ICP is unique and difficult to reach online. It was like finding a needle in a haystack. With ActualTech, we’re able to connect with them online in a turnkey way week after week, which is a competitive advantage.”

Abby Richter, Senior Director of Marketing, HourWork

“The lead quality working with ActualTech was fantastic—better and more consistent by far than any other channel we worked with. They always delivered the number of leads on the timeline that they said they would.”

Abby Richter, Senior Director of Marketing, HourWork


MQL growth quarter- over-quarter


of total MQLs came from ActualTech

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